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Youtube Traffic Thieves – blackhat guide by Nick Flame
“You know why Youtube traffic has decreased recently? Because I stole it”
Nick Flame, 2008
尼克火焰, 2008年
DISCLAIMER: In my report, some of the techniques break the video producer
copyrights or trademark. Try them on your own risk. I can not be held liable for
any actions you may take after reading this report. This is for educational
purposes only.
I will try to be as short as possible, without any bullshit techniques, i have seen paid
youtube reports trying to explain how to watermark a video, or 20 pages of
explanations how to upload a video on youtube, that’s lame.
I will not include here simple things like how to download videos from youtube, how
to watermark them, or how to upload videos to youtube. If you feel that you need help
with these ones, please ask for help in the forum.
Gaining views to your video
Make money online – very bad title
Make 100 000 $ online – it is better
How i made 100 000$ online – it is even better
How i made 101 437$ online in just 2 weeks – i would say this is the best
Sexy girl – very bad title
Sexy girl stripping – better
Sexy girl stripping for you – even better
Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen – i would say this is the best
Make money online (网络致富)——烂名
Make 100 000 $ online (网上赚10万)——这个好一点
How i made 100 000$ online(我是怎么在网上赚进10万的)——这个更好
How i made 101 437$ online in just 2 weeks(我怎样2星期在网上赚10万)——这个是最好的
Sexy girl (性感女郎)——烂名
Sexy girl stripping (性感脱衣女)——好一点
Sexy girl stripping for you (性感女郎为你脱衣)——更好点
Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen (在一个警察面前表演的性感脱衣女)——最好的
Keep in mind: do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that
would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention.
Other catchy phrases: Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually
demand attention from user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a
full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones.
其他吸引眼球的短语:Oh my god(哦,天哪), THIS is insane(离奇的), the WORST signer ever(史上最烂的歌手)等,这些通常能引起浏览者的注意力。保证要在标题里用到这些词语,但不是全部堆砌,只需突出最重要的那些词。
You can also use misleading titles: For instance you upload a trailer, but say:
“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.
Or, lets say you have a simply sexy strip video: You use phrases like the one
mentioned above “Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen” even if your video may
be just a simple strip one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video. Later in
the report you will see how you can benefit from it.
Write as many tags till they will tell you that you have reached the maximum number
of characters possible. Simple as that.
First thing your description should contain your url with http://www in front of him
Then press enter 4-5 times.
Shitload of text here, take one of those keyword research tools that generates results
on an input keyword and copy paste plenty of text here. So far, youtube search engine
is based on descriptions but it does not penalize word spam so to speak. This will
drastically improve your rankings in the youtube search engine.
At youtube the thumbnail is just the picture from exactly the middle of the video. Pay
attention to this, a bad thumbnail can spoil your video. On the other hand, there are
people who got thousands of views just from the fact that they used a misleading but
appealing picture in the middle of the video, which appeared as their thumbnail.
Be the first to upload
One of the secret of gaining youtube views is to be the first one to upload a potential
viral video. For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or of a
game. Be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues. Be the first
one to upload the latest celebrities’ spoofs. Try to take new videos from other
websites and upload them fast to youtube.
Use the youtube search feature and choose to rank the videos by the most recent
uploaded. There you can see potential gem videos. Take them and reupload them and
use proper tags description and titles to make them viral and surpass the original
You can use the same method but at another websites: see the most recent uploaded
videos and reupload them at youtube with proper tags.
What i do. I search youtube for new sexy videos, when i see something good i
download them and reupload them using extremely well defined tags, titles, and
descriptions. After this, I go back and flag the original uploaded video from different
accounts as being adult and breaking youtube TOS. Youtube removes that video and
there is plenty of space for me to gain the views. Another trick from here: Have an
established youtube account, old and with plenty of views. This way, if you upload a
shady video, your account is not going to get banned, just the video will be removed.
If a new account uploads an adult video and is flagged, youtube tends to ban the
account as well not only the video. If an established account uploads an adult video
and is flagged, the video is removed, but the account is not deleted.
Another benefit of established youtube accounts is that you appear more often on
related videos, or more videos by this user and you get more exposure.
How to get honours on youtube?
I have seen recently this only technique being sold for 19$. It is very simple and can
be made in 2 different ways:
The first one is to purchase a software on the market that auto comments and auto
rates on your video.Tube automator, or tubeinator as I remember where doing this.
You may want to check out in the forum for these scripts as well. You will get plenty
of comments and 5 star rates on your video, so your video is going to be honoured as
the most voted and the most discussed within its category.
我看到最近这项唯一的技术售价19美元,这个过程很简单,可以通过两种方法实现:第一种是在市面上购买自动评论和级别的软件。据我所知,Tube automator或tubeinator可以做到这个。你可能想要去论坛上了解更多这个。得到很多的留言和5星的等级,你的视频将会因最多的投票和相关类别的讨论而获得荣誉度。
The second one is too make multiple accounts and comment and rate your video
manually. This might sound very hard, but the reality is that you need very less
comments and stars to get featured as many people do not bother with this.
It is useful sometimes as it can give your video straight thumbs up, but it is not an
earth shaker.
Another thing that you can do is to appeal to the people sentiments in order to
comment and star your video. For instance, if you have made a video about your dog,
say in the video, if you liked this dog please rate and comment. If you put a sexy
video say, if you like her, please rate and comment. If you have put a movie trailer,
say if you have seen the movie, please rate and comment. This will increase the
conversions to your website.
Now, as a matter of fact what are the videos that are usually viewed and go viral:
-funny, comedy
-drama = shock, bad accidents, stuff like that
-cute = babies, pets, etc..
-latest games, movies, shows etc.
Why ONLY youtube? There are plenty of other videos websites.
Exactly. And for these, we are going to list you the FREE tools that you need to
AUTOMATICALLY upload ALL your videos to tens of other websites:
戏剧性 = 骇人听闻的,重大事故,以及类似的一些
可爱的 = 小孩子、宠物等
How to convert viewers into visitors:
There are several facts that need to be keep in mind
-First one: COMPLETELY watermark the video with your url. This means from
beginning till the end, not just beginning, not just the end, not just in the middle.
Completely. Because there will be other people who will just take your video, edit it
and remove your credits, and then add their own credits in order to gain traffic. By
completely watermarking the url, you avoid this.
-Second one: Make use of the TOS restrictions in order to drive traffic to your
website. For instance youtube videos forbids the adult videos. You can just take a soft
sexy video, and at the end of the video, say: “Youtube TOS forbids us from showing
more. Please visit our site to see more”
Or you can just take an adult video, cut the introduction part where there is no nudity,
and upload that one, with the same message. This is REALLY a killer, you will get
plenty of traffic using it. Most of the users are looking for adult videos on youtube,
but they can not find them. When you will display such a message, be sure they will
become your visitors. You will learn more how to monetize the traffic and this kind of
traffic later on in the report.
Or, another example: upload a trailer of a movie, this is legally, and at the end say:
“In order to see the full movie online, visit av.stockingsbeauties.com”. You will later learn how to
monetize this kind of traffic.
-Third one: Give them just a little of what they want, and at the end of the video
redirect them to your website to see everything. For instance, let s say you just upload
a video of a kid walking on a street, when a bus is coming towards him. STOP it
before the end, and display the message: YOU wanna see what happens next? Visit
www. Etc. com
第三种:展示给他们一些想看的,在视频的最后引导他们看所有的。比如说,上传一个视频,一个孩子走在街上,一辆汽车正在朝他驶来。。视频到此为止,然后留下信息:想看接下来的事吗?请访问www. Etc. com。
Another example: Upload a video of a people near a lion, crocodile, elephant,
everything. Suddenly, the animal is getting nervous,- you can get plenty of such video
on youtube, – and starts to attack the owner. You stop the video before the attack and
say: You wanna see what is next? Visit www. Etc. dom
另一个例子:上传一些人在狮子、鳄鱼、大象附近的视频。突然,动物开始变得焦躁——你能在youtube上找到很多类似的视频——动物开始袭击人。在这之前视频结束然后你说:想看接下来的事,请访问www. Etc. com。
Another example: lets say you just downloaded the highlights from a famous soccer
game, all the goals and misses everything. Lets say the score was 3-2 . Cut the video
and make separate video for each goal. And then upload each goal with the message
at the end: if you want to see the full highlights and the other goals, visit us.
The example are countless. You can check in the forum and share ideas with other
people about what work, and what does not.
-Fourth one: Prolong the end of the video and watermark it with your url. What does
that means? It means that at the end of the video , there will be like 30 seconds of a
background and just your url displayed there. Why is this useful? Since at the end of
the video, youtube and other websites display advertisements or related videos
thumbnails. IF you just made a video trying to send your visitor to your website, and
he sees those advertisments, he may be distracted. By putting a black blackground just
with your url on it, you assure that nothing will distract your viewer, at least for the
time he is looking there.
How to monetize the traffic:
1 Domain parking
1 网域停车
Note: THIS is a blackhat technique. In domain parking you just need a domain and a
company will build a website for you with ads on it. When people enter and click ads,
you are getting paid. Domain parking allow only type in traffic, without any influence
from you, as you may know or not.
This means that the visitors have to enter the website, writing in their browser your url. This can be exploited by using videos.
Why? Simple because they can not trace the source of traffic. All your traffic will be
type in , meaning people typing in the url from your video. Make sure NOT to include
any link in the description. This works flawlessly with adult traffic, which it is not
allowed by adsense. 这个词不存在。
为什么?简单,因为他们无法追查流量的来源。您的所有流量将被录入,意思是人在打字的网址来自您的影片。确保在描述中不包括任何链接。这一工作的完美有着充足的流量,这是不所允许的AdSense 。
You just use the techniques described above to drive traffic, and
send them to domain parked pages. They have no potential idea how to find your
source of traffic. I have done this and never got banned from it. The only problem you
may have is if you send them enormous traffic, without any conversions. But this
happens with every service, if you send the crap traffic, they will bust you.
This is the simplest way to monetize youtube traffic and it works great. You do not
need to pay for hosting or anything else, just for the domain. They will display ads,
you can send also adult traffic, you get paid. That s it.
For domain parking companies, and any other questions, ask me in the forums
这是通过YouTube流量最简单的赚钱方法,而且看起来很不错。你不需要为做东或者其他事情付钱,只因为在领域中。他们会展示广告, 您可以发送充足的流量,并获得付款。就那样。
2 – MADE FOR ADSENSE websites.
2 做一个AdSense网站
A simple page with ads from adsense work perfectly in any niche. Make sure you
send traffic, people are not finding what they want in your page, but they may find the
answer in the ads, if you know what I mean. For instance, make a video saying if you
want to make money online come here.
Send them to a page, where there is an article about making money online, but not any real information, just some general shit.
They will be unsatisfied, and they will see those google ads with MAKE 1000000$ in
3 days. They will click them. Simple as that. Of course you can use this with pay per
action or affiliate programs, and adsense as well, this way you will combine your
source of traffic.
将它们发送给一篇如何在网上赚钱的文章的网页,但没有任何真实的信息,只是一些一般的废话。他们会感到不满,他们会看到这些的Google广告,在3天的时间创造出100.0万美元的价值。他们会按一下他们。就是这么简单。当然,您也可以使用薪酬%行动或联属计划,和AdSense ,通过这种方式,您将结合您的流量来源。
3 – LEAD Generation:
This means that the visitors are supposed to complete an offer for each you get paid.
Depending on what offers you choose to promote, you need to make different videos.
For instance, if you have an offer like win a free iphone, then you can go and make a
videos with iphones and at the end put your ad with a link that redirects to your
affiliate link.
这意味着网民是为每一个所付的款项而去完成的一个邀请。这要根据您选择何种邀请来提升,你需要制作不同的视频。 例如,如果您有一个邀请,想赢得免费的iphone,那么你就可以去,并做出有iphones的视频,并在最后放上一个有链接的广告,把链接重定向到您的联属链接。
Zip/ email submits work great, vote for a star, works great as well, almost anything.
You just have to be creative. For instance, if you just have made a video about
Jessica, say at the end: if you love Jessica, go and vote it here. (aff offer)
邮政编码/电子邮件提交的工作有效,投赞成票的明星,和以前一样工作有效,以及几乎其他任何事情。你一定要富于创造性。例如,如果您刚才做了一个有关杰西卡的视频,最后说:如果你爱杰西卡,来这儿投票。 ( aff提供)
Or you just another method of forced sign ups: THIS IS BLACKHAT
Make a video with the title: download fifa 2008 full here. Or download Bourne
ultimatum here. Etc…
或你刚才的另一种方法是强迫签署的UPS :这是blackhat。做一个有标题的视频:下载国际足联在2008年全部在这里。或下者在这里载&S226;伯尔的最后通牒。等等。
Make a few slideshow telling them if you want to download press the link in the
he description place a link to a rapidshare file. The rapidshare file should contain a
folder that should contain an encrypted file with a password, and a doc document.
The document should say something like this:
-In order to get the password, go to www.etc. com, here you put your affiliate link
-ZIP/Email submite, or complete the offer
-At the end of the offer the first word on the left is your password.
They will go, complete a free offer for each you get paid, and then have their
password and download their stuff. If you did not got this method well, ask me in the
In order to ensure that nobody will comment something in the comments section that
will give away the password, or will just say that is scam, MAKE SURE TO TURN
OFF the comments.
You can always moderate them, but there is always better to just turn them off. No
need to receive countless emails from youtube with their comments on the video.
-为了取得密码,请转到www.etc 。最好的,在这里,您可以放上您的联盟链接
This method is very hard. It is very hard to sell to people that are coming to youtube
to watch entertainment. The easiest way of selling them, is to collect their emails, and
later on send them offers with affiliate products. For instance, tell them, if you are
interested in weight loss products, then visit www. Etc. com , and here should be a
squeeze page, where you can collect their email. Later on, you can send them emails
and they will read it more carefully. You can always try to send them from the video
to your aff links, and you may get some conversions, so try to experiment.
这种方法是很困难的。把它卖给那些想到YouTube来看娱乐的人,这是很困难的。最简单的方式出售他们,然后要收集他们的电子邮件,之后用附属产品给他们发送邀请。举例来说,告诉他们,如果你对减肥产品有兴趣,那就访问av.stockingsbeauties.com ,并在这里应该有挤压网页,您可以再收集他们的电子邮件。稍后,您可以发送他们的电子邮件,他们会阅读得更仔细。您随时可以尝试,把他们从视频发送到aff链接,并且您可能会得到一些互换,所以尝试去试验。
Another tip is to embed your url WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS instead of an url. For
instance, if you have just made a video about making money online, then tell them, if
you are interested in talking to a real internet marketer, add me in your mess list with
this id etc. You will build a list of POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS in your messenger
address. Think a little, there you can mass send them message at your mercy, and your
ad will be displayed in front of their eyes instantly, you can see how many are online,
etc.. A good strategy of marketing that gives better results than the classical email
marketing method , at least for me.
Imagine being able to promote your product and in the same time, being paid for this.
This works only if you own the full rights to a video. I am going to list the websites
that are currently sharing revenue with their uploaders. Constant updates, as well as
the latest tips and tricks will be displayed in the forums.
试想,能够提升您的产品,以及同时支付款项。 这项工作的唯一要求是你要拥有做视频的充分的权利。我罗列了最近上传的分享的收入网站名单。不断更新,以及最新的技巧和窍门将在论坛中显示。
Information about their system here:有关他们系统的信息
Information about their system here:
Information about their system here:
Information about their system

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